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About the center

The Republican state enterprise on the right of economic management “Republican Center for Health Development” of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan

RSE on REM “Republican Center for Health Development” of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan was established by the Decree #133 of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan as of 14th of February 2011 by means of merging of two RSEs on REM:

  • The Republican Information and Analytical Center;
  • The Institute for Health Development.

The articles of incorporation were approved by the Order # 179 of the Chairman of the Committee for public property and privatization of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan as of March 18, 2011.

The enterprise was registered with the Justice Department of Astana in March 25, 2011.

Key activities of the RCHD

  • Promoting effective management of the health care system
  • Improving economic effectiveness of the enterprise’s activities
  • Promoting development and effectiveness of the medical education and science
  • Improving medical statistics and infrastructure of the unified health information system
  • Involvement in the realization of joint projects with the World Bank.

According to its Articles of Incorporation, the Enterprise is involved in more than 25 activities in the field of health care.

MISSION: Promoting better health of the nation through sustainable infrastructure for development and methodological support of decisions to strengthen effectiveness of the healthcare system of the Republic of Kazakhstan

VISION: RSE on REM "Republican Center for Health Development” of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a leading center for evidence-based analysis, development and implementation of innovative technologies, ensuring monitoring of healthcare system and the state of health of the population, the development of industry information system and strengthening of the healthcare management institution in the country.


  1. Benefit for the society. We care about the health of the nation, strive for excellence and provide methodological support on all health system changes that improve the provision of health care, namely, quality and availability, free choice, and shared responsibility of a citizen in achieving their best health.
  2. Pursuit of excellence. We accept the following ethical principles: professionalism, independence, transparency, objectivity and ethics of our non-profit activities. Our responsibility is supported by the exclusive necessary - we always fulfill undertakings given to our partners, supervisors and colleague.
  3. Development of innovations. Support innovation, innovation and initiative - we support the creativity, ingenuity and application of innovative technologies in all areas of our work and all employees.
  4. Teamwork, partnership and development - we strive to develop partnerships both within and outside the health sector with the international organizations in all areas of our activities, we are developing the potential of each employee, each department and the company as a whole.
  5. Perfection and ethics. In our work we are guided by ethical standards of business relations, one of the main principles of operation - collegiality in all, team spirit in work, creativity and humanism, the pursuit of conservation of micro and macro environment, continuity and sustainability of the work.

Priority areas of RSE on REM "Republican Center for Health Development" of MHSD of RoK

Based on the analysis and the problems identified, RSE on REM "Republican Center for Health Development" of MHSD of RoK identified the following priority areas:

  1. Capacity building and development of institutional sustainability of the Enterprise  
  2. Facilitating improvement of healthcare system
  3. Assisting in the system of continuing professional development of health workers and competence assessment system (knowledge and skills) graduates of medical education and science, as well as practitioners in the health care industry
  4. Promoting quality of care, including the accreditation of health services
  5. Promoting education and science in healthcare
  6. Promoting development of the healthcare information system

Extract from STRATEGIC PLAN Republican state enterprise on the right of business governance "Republican Center for Healthcare Development" Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for years 2012 - 2016 

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