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Accreditation Center

Accreditation center

Accreditation Center from 2015 to conduct trainings for employees of medical institutions on the implementation of accreditation standards for value (pre-accreditation training).

The training program addressing priority issues of accreditation: 6 international patient safety goals; root cause analysis and the analysis of risks and their consequences (the investigation of the root causes analysis methodology); Auditors skills (skills of interviewing, data collection skills); indicators in medical practice, the practical application of the indicator; quality and safety assessment of patients. Methodology "Tracer";

Mission of the Accreditation center

Improving accreditation system in healthcare through the implementation of international safety and quality norms to ensure a high degree of trust among the population and to improve the competitiveness of medical organizations.

Vision of the Accreditation center

Accreditation Centre – creation of such an accreditaiotn system that will ensure quality and safe healthcare in Kazakhstan

  • Accreditation provides a transition to world quality standards
  • Availability of safe health care services
  • Respect for patients' rights
  • The constant desire to improve
  • Reducing the risks and costs of time patients
  • Most importantly, accreditation - it is the confidence of the society


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