Development of management and corporate governance

The Center for Management organizations

The Center for Management (hereafter- CM) was established by the Order of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated April 22, 2011 No. 212 “On ensuring the functioning of the Center for Management  created under the Project” and it is a structural division of the Republican Center for Health Development (hereafter- RCHD)

The Observatory of Human Resources for Health was created by the Order of the Vice-Minister of Health No. 173 “On the creation of a system for planning and forecasting human resources for health”. It was established on April 7, 2014. The division is the part of the structure of the Center for Management.


The Corporate Structure of the Center for Management



The goal




Ensuring the effective management and development of competition in the field of healthcare based on the development of modern management; improving the corporate management system; planning and forecasting mechanisms; monitoring staffing in healthcare organizations; evaluating the development of human health care capital.



  • Improving the regulatory and methodological framework in the field of corporate governance and step-by-step implementation of the principles of corporate governance in healthcare organizations;
  • Development of leadership and professional management skills based on the development and implementation of new qualification requirements for managers of health organizations, encouraging and supporting management training.
  • Introduction of modern management technologies in health care organizations
  • Promoting the development of human resources (hereafter- HR) and medical science, the introduction of innovative personnel management technologies in the healthcare industry;
  • Improving the methods of planning and forecasting the demand for human resources in healthcare sector;
  • Modernization of the mechanisms of management and development of human resources, strengthening the capacity of personnel services in the healthcare system.
  • Conducting coordination and advisory activities in the assessment and development of human resources in healthcare sector.
  • Analysis of data and information on the development of the human capital in health care.
  • Participation in international advisory and coordination activities for the development of health management for increasing the potential of the Unit's employees.
  • Provision of training services of health managers, health employees on current issues of management and human capital development in healthcare.
  • International cooperation in the field of the human capital improvement.


Research and project activities

  • development of projects of normative legal acts and corporate documents;
  • methodological and consulting support in the development and improvement of the corporate governance system;
  • management of corporate secretaries of medical organizations;
  • assistance in the process of practical implementation of corporate governance standards, adapted to specific conditions;
  • implementation of training programs in the field of corporate governance.
  • The Center has conducted 7 research and project works in the field of health management.
  • Research and project work are carried out on human resources in healthcare within the framework of the “Strategic Human Resource Management” project.
  • Guidelines were developed for planning and forecasting and modernizing human resources, determining shortages, developing methods for maintaining statistics in HR and harmonizing it with WHO recommendations and Eurostat.
  • Timing studies were conducted in order to develop minimum workload standards for healthcare organization professionals.
  • CM has designed a layout of the professional register of Human Resources for Health.
  • A model program and a national policy for managing human resources for health were approved.
  • Educational activities on planning, monitoring, evaluating and forecasting human resources for health are conducted for managers and specialists of human resources services of regional health departments.

The Center also developed:


  • 11 guidelines in the field of health management
  • 11 guidelines on human resources for health
  1. Guidelines "Methodological principles of corporate governance in medical organizations";
  2. Guidelines for the creation of a collegial management body in medical organizations;
  3. Methodology of criteria for assessing the level of development of corporate governance in medical organizations;
  4. Methodology with the draft system of rating the effectiveness of corporate governance in medical organizations;
  5. Methodology with criteria for evaluating independent directors who are members of the Supervisory Boards;
  6. Methodology according to the evaluation criteria of the members of the Supervisory Board, incl. Corporate Secretary;
  7. Practical guidance for the implementation of corporate governance standards.

Information and Advisory Activities:

  • Formation of a database of health managers and a personnel reserve for senior positions in the healthcare sector
  • Publication of articles in the industrial and republican print media
  • Interaction with international consultants

Educational activities:

  • Continuing professional development is held on the topics: “Corporate Governance”, “Management”, “HR Management. Modern technologies of Human Resource Management ", etc. (more than 500 specialists in healthcare have been trained in 2018)

Methodological support for the implementation of corporate governance:

  • The standard forms of corporate documents are updated and approved for use.
  • Guidelines and methodologies have been developed in the field of corporate governance.
  • Amendments are made to the corporate governance regulations.


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Internal regulatory documents

Documents for medical organizations:


Documents for Joint-Stock Companies (JSC):


Key Performance Indicators (KPI):


Recommendations and methodologies

Methodology of developing a strategic plan for the organizations in the field of healthcare

"The introduction of modern resource-saving technologies in medical organizations that provide outpatient and inpatient care: lean manufacturing technologies (Lean)";

"The introduction of a bonus remuneration system for CEOs of medical organizations";

Methodology for assessing the activities of Government Bodies

Methodology with criteria for evaluating independent directors who are members of the Supervisory Board

Practical Guide to implementing Corporate Governance standards

Guide to "Methodological basis of Corporate Governance in medical organizations"

Methodological recommendations "The step-by-step introduction of innovative management technologies based on the principles of evaluation of medical technologies"

Methodological recommendations "The introduction of the principles of search and selection criteria of personnel on a competitive and collegial basis on the position of Senior Management (managerial and financial staff) of medical organizations)

Methods and indicators for evaluating the performance of personnel services and the effectiveness of HR management in health administration and medical organizations

Methods for determining the shortage of HR in Healthcare Sector

Methodology for drafting a plan for the modernization of personnel services in health care organizations at all levels

Methods of planning and forecasting human resources for health in the context of compulsory social health insurance

Competence model for HR specialists in medical organizations

Improvement of the methodology of statistical accounting for HR in health and its harmonization with WHO recommendations and Eurostat: the introduction of a standard statistical form for HR.

Typical form of HR program

National HR policy in healthcare sector


  • A training is conducted on “Corporate governance in the field of healthcare” and “HR Management: Modern Technologies of Human Resource Management".
  • A distance course
  • On-site course
  • In 2019, the Center for Management plans to continue training of specialists in the field of healthcare management on the basics of corporate governance, as well as providing consulting services on the implementation of corporate governance principles in healthcare organizations.

Ongoing assessment

  • Assessment of the effectiveness of the activities of medical organizations with the exception of subordinate republican organizations depending on the implementation of corporate governance principles
  • Evaluation of members of the supervisory board in 2 medical organizations in 5 regions
  • Rating assessment of corporate governance effectiveness in the subordinate organizations
  • Conducting a rating assessment of the effectiveness of corporate governance in the public health organizations in the context of 10 regions with 3 organizations in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Rating assessment of personnel services in medical organizations

Discussion on staffing and motivation of health workers

Republican meeting on discussion of staffing and motivation of medical workers


Meeting with CEOs of medical organizations in Astana and Akmola region

Meeting with the CEOs of medical organizations in Astana and Akmola region