Health technology assessment (HTA)

Health technology assessment (HTA) is a multidisciplinary research process that includes the collection and compilation of information on health technology.

Information can cover a range of areas, including clinical efficacy and safety, cost-effectiveness and budgetary implications, organizational and social aspects, and ethical and legal issues.

The collection and presentation of information is carried out in a systematic, impartial and transparent manner.




The health budget of the Republic of Kazakhstan is limited. Investing in a new technology sometimes means reducing or stopping the financing of another service. In these conditions, it is important that the selection process is based on accurate and reliable evidence, the provision of which is the main goal of HTA.

The RCHD develops national HTA guidelines to ensure timely, reliable, consistent HTA relevant to health decision-makers and key stakeholders needs.





The order of acting General Director of RSE on REM “Republican Centre for Health Development” dated May 15, 2017, № 58-н “On approval of Rules of health technology assessment”.


The database of experts on the health technology assessment






Strategic partnership and collaboration with leading international networks of HTA allows us to continue to optimize our work