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From the beginning of this year, within the framework of the social campaign "100 problems - 100 solutions - 100 days" initiated by the medical community with the support of the Ministry of Health 2,094 proposals from almost 800 sources were received for future improvements of the health system.

According to the terms of execution, all received information was divided into 3 groups: high (short-term), medium (medium-term) and longstanding (long-term). Most of the aroused proposals grouped to the first group as those were about information deficit regarding medical services, patient rights and treatment tactics. Such proposals will be addressed through carrying out awareness-raising work on site or through the call-centers of the medical organizations.

Republican Center for Health Development has developed action plan to address the medium and longstanding proposals and submitted it to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Most active were citizens themselves, more than 500 people expressed their opinion. In addition, more proposals were received from medical organizations employees, legal entities. Representatives of the medical community have sent precise and efficient proposals, which, when applicable, were included in the action plan.

Within the campaign, the most urgent health issues are identified, such as: improving the organization and provision of medical services, raising the status and payment of medical workers and their legal protection, automating and computerization processes of work, implementing electronic medical records, electronic queues and support new methods of diagnosis and treatment.

"Some of the population appeal is not "strategic", but rather selective complaints against a particular organization or medical health professional, the solution of which is possible by examining the activities of the organization" said Acting Director General of Republican Center for Health Development Ainur Aiyphanova.

Summarizing analysis results of the complaints, 100 problems with proposed solutions were posted on RCHD site (www.rcrz.kz) by the link: http://www.rcrz.kz/docs/100.pdf.

“By virtue of the social campaign “100 problems - 100 solutions - 100 days”, feedback from the population and medical workers simplified. At the moment, the RCHD is working on to establish constant feedback process in order to accept constructive suggestions from citizens and organizations on the previously suggested E-mail address: 100@rcrz.kz. However, individual cases should be communicated to the Call-centers of the particular city" explained Ainur Aiypkhanova.

Press relations service of the Ministry of Health of the RK: 74-31-37, 74-32-41, press_mz@mail.ru

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