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In the Republic of Kazakhstan the possibility of using of public health scientific research results had been discussed

Today in Astana a seminar was held on the creation and development of the network in Kazakhstan on the utilization of the scientific research in shaping the health policy (Evidence-informed policy network Europe - hereinafter EVIP-Net). Seminar was organized by World Health Organization (hereinafter - WHO), which was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Health, healthcare managers, the Republican Center for Health Development personnel (hereinafter - RCHD MoH) and representatives of the medical universities of the country.  

The objective of the seminar, initiated by the EVIP-Net network, is to share approaches to the use of scientific research data in policymaking. In particular, such seminars are designed to inform healthcare sector managers about the available tools and resources, and other stakeholders to use the research data; teach to seek, evaluate, adapt, and apply evidence data and offer to organizations represented at workshops, possible measures to promote effective policymaking for health systems with the use of scientific evidence.   

Solutions based on scientific research evidence are applicable in clinical practice, particularly in the development of clinical protocols, algorithms, the assessment of medical technologies and others.

"WHO has already created a standard solution for the countries: to create Platforms of practical application of knowledge on the basis of the relevant organizations and access to the resources of the scientific evidence, there are ready-to-use tools and resources from the WHO, trainings are conducted on how to properly apply the facts and evidence - to support clinical and administrative solutions in healthcare. In the workshop, we discussed possibility of developing the Platform (Knowledge Translation Platform) on the basis of RCHD MoH ", - said Acting Director General of Republican Center for Health Development Ainur Aiyphanova.

Reference: EVIP-Net Network - a global WHO initiative to promote systematic use of health scientific research evidence in policymaking, which started to work in the WHO European Region in October 2012. EVIP-Net-Europe provides tools of practical application of knowledge, informs on actual data through analytical reviews and policy dialogues.

The network is represented in all WHO regions, and coordination of its activities is carried out at both the regional and global level. The working groups contribute to the process of policy development and implementation, using the highest quality and full evidence of global and local level.

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