Health Ministry functions transferred to competitive environment and self-regulatory organizations

On December 8, the Republican Health Development Center held a meeting on issues of transferring state functions of the Ministry of Health in the competitive environment and self-regulatory organizations in Astana. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Health, RHDC, National chamber of health, associations of professional medical organizations and legal entities.

The guests were informed on the work of the Ministry of Health in the direction, and the introducing new management models healthcare, which provides public control as well. It is expected tto transform the joint Commission for quality in an independent legal entity and transfer some state functions.

Participants supported the proposal of the Ministry of Health to transfer the following:

- organization and conduct of state certification of scientific organizations and educational institutions in the field of healthcare; development of qualification requirements for medical and pharmaceutical activities, standard operating procedures, new methods of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, medical and social rehabilitation, standards for equipping of pre-clinical simulation of medical colleges.

Also, it is proposed to transfer functions such as organization and conduction of accreditation of subjects of health care, monitoring of activities of accredited subjects of health, formation of a data base of actors in the field of health, standards of accreditation, and education in the field of health.

In the end of discussion it was decided to organize and conduct the meeting of the RHDC jointly with the Department of legal service of the Ministry of health master class (meeting) for representatives of professional medical associations and private health organizations with participation of the Ministry of National Economy, Ministry of Justice and the National Chamber of entrepreneurs "Atameken" to explain the principles of self-regulatory organizations.