Kazakhstan experience in health system financing and public's part in solving of -medical support problems discussed at UHC International Congress

Р4Н Panel session (for Public Health) was held on December 14 and 15 within the framework of the UHC International Congress (Universal Health Coverage). It was organized by the World Health Organization together with other international organizations and the Government of Japan. The Congress was devoted to the global problems of universal coverage of the population with medical assistance and key areas for UHC promoting. This Congress was attended by the Prime Minister of Japan Mr. Shinzo Abe.

The Congress included several panel meetings on: the involvement of the private sector in UHC; the political and economic factors on the availability of medical care and its quality; new ways of UHC partnerships and management processes; health financing; role of the public in UHC; increasing opportunities for joint activities of physicians and the public in achieving the goals of UHC and Р4Н.

At the Panel meeting Deputy General Director of "RSE on REU "Republican Health Development Center" (Republican State Enterprise with the right to engage in economic activities) Kaldybayeva M. K. addressed the speech devoted to the financing of the health system, the role of regional cooperation and public involvement in solving problems of medical support.

Addressing the speech at the working meetings with the leadership and members of Р4Н, the speaker noted the unique experience of Kazakhstan: the influence of the public in the implementation of the system of mandatory social medical insurance, the establishment of interagency groups to form an objective electronic statistical database for the Health Insurance Fund, the introduction of project management the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan for implementation of various reforms, and the role of regional cooperation, exchange of experience and harmonization of the legislations, including the health sector, within the framework of Kazakhstan's participation in the Eurasian Economic Community.

Along with this, the Center, as a member of the Р4Н Committee, is ready to contribute to the development of Р4Н and share experiences with its members on the use of health technology assessment as a tool for decision-making the clinical and economic expediency of introduction of new medical technologies. In addition, it was announced that in May-June 2018 it is planned to hold the next Р4Н event in Astana.