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Republican centre for healthcare development accredited by the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua)

For the first time in Republic of Kazakhstan, the national accreditation body, represented by the Accreditation Centre of the Republican centre for healthcare development has received international recognition for its core activities. Based on the compliance to the requirements of the accreditation system of Kazakhstan by supreme body of the world in health care quality and safety - International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua), Accreditation Commission of the ISQua Board of Directors made decision to accredit Republican Centre for Health Development for a period of four years until January 2021. Ceremonial presentation of a certificate of international accreditation will be held in London on the 1-4 October 2017 at the annual conference of ISQua.


The International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua) was founded in 1985 in Ireland and is the supreme body empowered to audit accrediting organizations of the health ministries in the world or independent accreditation bodies. ISQua’s mission is toto promote improvement in the quality and safety of healthcare worldwide through education and knowledge sharing, external evaluation, supporting health systems and connecting people through global networks. ISQua achieves its mission in a number of ways through a network that spans 100 countries and five continents. The expertise of ISQua and its network of members is a highly valued resource by those in the medical and social care community. One of key partners is the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Recognition of the accreditation body by ISQua - is a guarantee that the system of accreditation and accreditation body do have the basic elements for the proper further implementation of its functions - assessment of health care organizations and their accreditation in order to increase the quality of care and patient safety. Today ISQua accredited around thirty organizations as accreditation bodies, including such prestigious as JCI in the USA (Joint Commission International Accreditation), Netherlands Institute for Accreditation in Healthcare in the Netherlands, CHKS Accreditation Unit in the United Kingdom, Japan Council for Quality Health Care Japan, Accreditation Canada in Canada, Joint Commission of Taiwan in Taiwan, Danish Institute for Quality and Accreditation in health Care in Denmark, Saudi Central Board for Accreditation of healthcare Institutions in Saudi Arabia, Improvement of Quality and Care Security Department of Haute Autorité de Santé health Ministry of France.

ISQua responsible for assessing in the following areas: accreditation standards, surveyors training programs (experts of the external comprehensive assessment) and assessment of the accreditation body. Today Kazakhstan’s accreditation system has all three types of certificates from ISQua - the accreditation of standards for inpatient care since 2012, and standards of outpatient care since 2013,  accreditation of surveyors training program in 2013, and the most elusive – Certificate of recognition of accrediting body received in 2017.

Kazakhstan was coming down to this important stage of its development since 2009, when the World Bank projects began to develop accreditation standards and introduced accreditation system.

Preparation for international accreditation by ISQua was held in 2016 with the participation of consultants – Professor and founder of American-Gulf International company Asaf Al-Assaf (USA) and international expert in the field of accreditation Ainur Aiypkhanova. Employees of the accreditation centre were intensively preparing for the audit, which in September for five days was surveyed by three founder of various accreditation systems in the world: Dr. Paul Van Ostenberg from the USA, Dr. Martin Beaumon from Canada and Dr. Kadar Marikar from Malaysia.

By virtue of international standards requirements, Republican centre for healthcare development introduced some of the new regulations (instructions, policies, programs, guidelines) for impartial and quality processing of accreditation of medical organizations. The evidence documentation for all requirements of the ISQua has been translated into English, and their application was demonstrated by on-site audit.

Today, Kazakhstan is moving from the current imperfect system when the accreditation process directly involved public authority represented by Medical and pharmaceutical activity Control Committee of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, to the best international practices in the assessment of the quality of care in healthcare organizations, the accreditation should be carried out by professional and ethical experts as part of a transparent and fair processes of assessment and accreditation decisions. ISQua certificate issued to Republican centre for healthcare development is an important base in the way of improving the national system of accreditation in Kazakhstan.

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